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Freshen Your Cast, Dry your wet spica cast

Relief for Spica Cast Rash & Discomfort

The Spica Cast Caregiver
As a parent or grandparent, we understand that watching your child suffer in a Spica Cast for 6-8 weeks is extremely difficult and frustrating. Your child will have difficulty sleeping, is extremely uncomfortable and can become irritable. As a caregiver, you want to relieve their itching and discomfort, dry and freshen their cast. A lining that is continually moist from perspiration or urination causes bacterial growth resulting in itch, skin rash, smelly odor and extreme discomfort. Until now, there was no solution that addressed the root cause of spica cast rach & discomfort which is moisture trapped in the cast lining.
The CastCooler Will Provide Immediate Relief
The CastCooler draws fresh air through the porous cast and the lining. This will dry the lining and keeps the patient's skin dry. The CastCooler brings immediate relief to the patient, allowing them to be more comfortable and to sleep better. When your child sleeps, you rest assured that you have provided relief from their rash & discomfort.
The Spica Cast Patient
Spica Cast patients generally will experience itching, skin rash swelling and general discomfort. These symptoms results from the continually moist cast lining which is wet from perspiration, bathing or perhaps urination. These reasons make it difficult to keep a spica cast lining dry as you were instructed by your Doctor. The continually moist lining causes bacteria to grow resulting in itching and discomfort. Skin rash often results. The CastCooler brings immediate relief by drawing fresh air though the cast lining, keeping the lining dry and fresh. It is used for 10 minutes at a time and can be used as often as needed.
What Causes Spica Cast Itching, Skin Rash & Discomfort?
Spica cast itch is caused by a continually moist lining and the bacterium that is growing in the lining of your spica cast. This can be especially true if accidental wetting or feces has soiled the spica cast. Dr. Rachel Defazio, Childrens Hospital Boston confirmed a "...high rate and cost of skin problems in children with hip spica casts...". Further, the study documented cost of "$8,600 up to $53,800 for a cast removal and recasting" when a soiled cast needs to be replaced. Read the summary of Dr. DiFazio's study of Skin Problems in Children with Hip Spica Casts HERE
What Can be done to Relieve Spica Cast Itch and Rash?
The most effective thing you can do is to keep your child's spica cast lining dry and clean...not an easy challenge. However, the CastCooler will bring relief for odor, itch and skin rash by keeping the spica cast lining dry. This is accomplished through regular use as needed to remove moisture that accumulates in the spica cast lining. The CastCooler use will help keep your cast clean, reduce odor, relieve itch and rash as bacteria growth is significantly reduced when moisture is not present.
What Should I do if Spica Cast Odor Persists?
You should not attempt to reduce spica cast odor by applying treatments to the cast, the lining or the skin. If spica cast odor is acute, see your doctor. You may have an infection or a skin condition known as maceration. Skin maceration occurs when the skin is continually wet or moist. One sign of skin infection or skin maceration can be acute spica cast odor. Both of these conditions can be serious and if you experience acute spica cast odor, you should contact your doctor immediately.
CastCooler Supports Longstanding General Cast Care Instructions:
"Keep cast clean and dry"

"Do not scratch skin under cast by inserting objects inside the cast"

"Never blow warm or hot air into cast"

"Do not put powders or lotions into cast to relieve itching"
Where can I buy the CastCooler?
Right here on our Order Page.

Leading edge Orthopedic Clinics recognize the CastCooler benefit.

Many Orthopedic Clinics make the CastCooler available to their patients.

Premier Orthopedics - Colorado Springs, CO

Covenant Orthopedic Group - Lubbock, TX

Oklahoma Sports Science & Ortho - Edmond, OK

St Vinvents Ortho Asson. of Manhattan - New York, NY

Harbor Orhtopedic & Fracture Clinic - Aberdeen, WA

Oklahoma Sports and Orthopaedic Institute - Norman, OK

The Orthopedic Center - Manchester, NH

Pinehurst Surgical Clinic - Pinehurst, NC

Orthopaedic Specialists of Alabama - Birmingham, AL

UVA Orthopedics - Charlottesville, WV

Cornerstone Orthopaedics - Fort Oglethorpe, GA

East Texas Medical Center Orthopaedic Institute - Tyler, TX

Aurora Advanced Healthcare - Milwaulkee, WA

Valley Bone and Joint Clinic - Grand Forks, ND

Jerry N. Street, MD - Houston, TX

Shady Grove Orthopedic Associates - Rockville, MD

Dr. Jesse Silverman, Orthopaedic Surgery - Denville, NJ

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In Parents' own words ...

Oliver L.

CastCooler made her happy!

Today, this kid peed in his cast. Had to break out the #castcooler to dry it. Worked like a charm. Within 10 mins it was dry. #lifesaver Oliver's Mom

Leisa T. - Las Vegas, NV

I have to tell you that yesterday my son's cast was wet - completely. He had a problem at daycare and they didn't know how to fix it so they used wet paper towels and baby wipes. Not a good thing and the smell was pretty bad. I put the cast cooler around his leg where it was quite wet and after 10 minutes...the lining was dry. We then moved it up onto his hip and suctioned for another 10 minutes. He seemed to enjoy the air flow and was smiling and happy the whole time. My husband said that even the color was different when we were done. Needless to say, this will be used often for this little guy as he has two weeks to go before it's removed. The baby's doctor told me to use a cool blow drier to dry out the cast, but your cast cooler works much better! Leisa T.

Sonya - Roswell, NM

CastCooler made her happy!

This is my beautiful spica baby! The CastCooler was the first thing to make her happy after getting her cast! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Sonya - Roswel, NM

Brooke - California, US

CastCooler really works!

I've come across some wonderful blogs that have been so helpful, and on one I found mention of the CastCooler. I was expecting it to be ridiculously expensive, but for thirty dollars, it's a great investment. We use it daily, and it's even better in case of an accident, of which we may or may not have had a couple. The CastCooler dried the wet cast--and quickly!--and even better, there's NO odor. But thanks to the CastCooler, it was dry again in less than an hour. Brooke - California, US

Dawn B. - Grampian, PA

This product is a life saver! My 2 yr old son is in the spica cast for breaking his femur and this product has really saved our lives.. He was constantly having accidents and smelling like a urinal prior to using this product. He now asking for the vacuum to use his CastCooler whenever damp, sweating, or itchy. The creators of this product need to advertise this more! It is truely amazing. Dawn B. - Grampian, PA

Valerie P. - Elk Grove Village, IL

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It has already made a bad situation MUCH better. My four year old has the spica cast. It's amazing to watch the smile and relief come over her face when I turn the vacuum on and the CastCooler goes to work. Sometimes, she likes to use it just for fun! I am truly impressed! We have a follow-up doctor appointment Monday and will be raving about your product to the doctor's office. Not to mention, what a good price you sell the CastCooler for! Valerie P. - Elk Grove Village, IL

Julie B. - Bentonville, AK

I received the CastCooler today. My 20 month old son broke his femur 2 weeks ago and is in a spica cast. His cast kept getting damp and his diaper has leaked a few times causing us to have to use the hairdryer on him for 30-45 minutes. Today we tried the CastCooler and within 5 minutes all the dampness was gone from one leg. His cast felt dryer than it had basically since he got it on. It is so wonderful! I'm so glad we found the CastCooler. And thank you for your prompt response about shipping. I really appreciate it! Julie B. - Bentonville AR

Jack's Dad's Story

CastCooler really works!

I recently purchased your CastCooler for my 3 year old son Jack, who is in a Spica cast. On February 17th, Jack was running with friends in the gym of his pre-school when he tripped on the boots he was wearing and suffered a spiral fracture to his left femur. The itching started on the 3rd day after the cast was put on, and got so bad that it would wake him up from a deep sleep and would keep him up for hours. In searching for something, anything to provide him with some relief, I came across your web site...I am here to tell you that your product absolutely works and has made a very difficult situation much more manageable. I have attached a couple of photos of Jack using his beloved CastCooler and his 2 "assistants" (twin sister and older sister) helping him. Jack still has a long road ahead of him until he gets his cast off, but with the benefits of the CastCooler, the next 3 weeks will be a snap! Mike - Jack's Dad, Indianapolis, IN

Julie D. - Kennesaw GA

Oh my gosh........Cristian absolutely loves the CastCooler. He is only 11 months old so I can only go off the expressions on his face. He has been so itchy and if I peak down in the cast he has really dry scaly skin. I can only imagine how he feels. He's been in the spica cast for 10 weeks and only has two weeks left. I wish I had know about this earlier. Especially around week 4 when he really started to itch. I will definitely tell his orthopedic doctor about this. I already spread the word about the CastCooler to a friend who's niece is possibly going to have to have hip surgery and spica casting like Cristian did. Julie D. - Kennesaw GA

Shane J. Ryan's Dad - Dublin, GA

CastCooler really works!

My son's name is Ryan, he is 19 months old. He was playing at daycare, climbing up a swing, and he fell and broke his left femur bone. It was a spiral fracture, so he had to have closed reduction surgery to repair the bone, he was put in his Spica Cast on Wednesday June 17th. By the time we got home, which was on Friday the 19th, the inner lining of the cast was already soaked. We weren't given very good instructions on how to care for the cast, and his diaper changes. We were told to use #1 diapers inside the cast, well those were way too small! I became very concerned about it, and a little scared actually. I began searching the internet for any answers to the problem. That's when I found out about the CastCooler. Sceptacle or not, I was going to try anything and everything, so I ordered without hesitation. I ordered the CastCooler that Friday, and it arrived the following Monday, I was so happy, I couldn't believe it was delivered that quickly. As soon as I got in, I set the vacuum cleaner up, and wrapped the CastCooler around the leg that was wet, when I turned it on, he look so relaxed, it seemed like he was getting a massage. You could feel the air being drawn in under the cast, and he was enjoying it so much. within about 10 minutes the cast was completely cool, and the smell wasn't near as bad. I felt so much better knowing that his cast wasn't wet anymore. Thank you very much for the comfort my son has received. Shane J. - Dublin, GA

Kelly W. - Grandmother of 21 month old - Longview, TX

CastCooler really works!

Just want you to know - we received the CastCooler. Our grandson, who is 21 months old, broke his femur on Oct. 31, Halloween night. He is in a body cast from under his arms to the bottom of his feet. Prior to getting the CastCooler he had broke out in a terrible rash and was miserable! His parents brought him over to spend the night with us the day we received it. We used it 4 or 5 times during his stay. When his parents came to get him...his rash was totally gone!!!! She is taking your product to see his Orthopedic doctor tomorrow and showing it to him. It is amazing!!!! Thank you sooo much, you have made our lives so much more tolerable during a terrible time!!! Kelly W. - Longview, TX

Deana H. - Spica Cast Mom - Auburn, WA

Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for the BEST PRODUCT EVER MADE ! We have a three yr old in a spica cast and I must tell you that you literally SAVED THE DAY ! SEVERAL TIMES ! Can't thank you enough ! I even took the brochure to our Dr. appoinment and they are also excited about your product. Thanks so much! Deana H. - Auburn, WA

Grandma Pam - Hammond, IN

I have received the CastCooler and used it on my grandson's Spica cast. He liked it, he would say," feels good grandma". Also with the Spica cast I was able to feel the air at opening of cast. Thank you for answering my questions and I hope that others who need some relieve from there casts will enjoy the "CastCooler" as much as my 2 yr old grandson. Sincerely, a Thankful Grandma Pam - Hammond, IN

Patrick B. - Shreveport, LA

My 2 year old son broke his right femur on March 7th. He fell down the stairs to our fort. After the third day he was extremely red and itchy. I was blowing his cast with a leaf blower to keep him dry. His sisters enjoyed watching it but he wasn't a "big fan". I was browsing the internet and happened to come across the CastCooler, Thank God. I was wondering if it would work and thought It's worth a try. The night before it arrived he had his worst night. He was up almost all night. He is also in diapers which makes it an extra challenge to keep his cast dry. The day we got CastCooler we used it twice on him and he slept through the night waking up once. I was relieved but skeptical waiting for the next night. The next night he didn't wake up at all. I love great inventions and this works well. UPDATE: Just wanted to give you an update about my son Jonathan. He got his cast off Friday April, 17th. The nurse was cutting off his cast and said here comes the stink. When she removed the cast there was no stink or raw spots at all. This is a great product that works. I told the doctor about it and left her with our CastCooler. She was interested and going to order more. Just wanted to let you know, Thanks and God Bless, Patrick B. - Shreveport, LA

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